5 Engagement Party Ideas

5 Engagement Party Ideas

Nothing’s more exciting than being engaged. You not only have a bright and wonderful future to look forward to with someone you love, you also now have the opportunity to answer the two questions you’re likely to be asked more than anything else: “Have you picked a date yet?” and “When’s the engagement party?” An engagement party is a time where you get to party before you officially tie the knot and showcase your relationship. So why go for something boring and standard? Here are a few ideas for an engagement party that’s as unique as you are and will have your guests raving for years.

Take a Cruise

While renting out an actual cruise ship may be a little out of budget for most couples, renting a boat out of a nearby dock for a few hours doesn’t have to be. You can have the entire party right there on the boat, complete with a catered (or self-served) dinner, themed party favors, and who doesn’t love the idea of watching a sunset over the ocean?

The Low Key Backyard Fling

Maybe low key and casual is your style. If that’s the case, bring out some folding chairs and string up some party lights and prepare to entertain in your backyard. Put a tablecloth over a pop-up table and litter it with your favorites snacks, play some music and pass around the wine bottles (or beers from your favorite local microbrewery if that’s your speed). You may also want to put out a ping pong table and a few decks of cards to give your guests a few equally low key options when it comes to livening up the party.

Go Full Unicorn

Nothing says elegance like crisp white decorations, so why not go with it as a theme? Embrace your inner unicorn and create a magical night with crisp white linens and robes, and gold flecked place settings. Since your wedding is going to involve a lot of white anyway, you may even get away with reusing some of the decor for your actual wedding. And what bride isn’t excited about saving a little more money — or being able to put what you saved towards your dress?

Wine Tasting

Speaking of elegance, a wine tasting is always a great way to celebrate. There are two ways to go about this: one, you can book a professional to come into the space of your choosing and provide a dazzling experience for your group. This allows you to decorate the space however you like and guarantee that you have accommodations for your entire group before the event. It’s also a more intimate option. Or if you’d rather not have to deal with the hassle of decorations and space booking, call up a local winery and inquire about wine tasting tour availability. Let someone else handle the rest!

Cooking Class Party

Are your friends dedicated and unabashed foodies? If so, a cooking class engagement party may be just the ticket. Call up your local Sur la Table, grocery store or any number of class-oriented shops that provide culinary classes for a fee. Most of these places have pre-existing schedules that you can book for you and your friends, though there are many that will also provide private classes for an extra fee. If you happen to have a friend who’s a chef or culinary student you may even be able to talk them into providing a culinary session for you and your friends in the comfort of your own kitchen. This can save you money and also make for a more relaxed atmosphere. If you don’t to cook a whole meal, you can instead make your lesson about having dessert.

Plan Your Engagement Party Your Way

There are so many options available when you plan an engagement party, and so many things to take into consideration that it’s easy to forget that ultimately, it should be about you. Customize your engagement party, do what makes you happy and everyone you love will be happy to be there with you!

How did you celebrate your engagement? Do you have any creative engagement party ideas? Share them with us in the comments!